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Mills Vitalize 1L


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Vitalize is formulated to make your plants healthier, heartier, and more resistant to stress factors. Developed in conjunction with Rexil Agro BV, the inventor and leader in Silicic Acid Agro Technology, years of testing in various environments around the world have led to a uniquely bioavailable form of silicon that can be used as a root soak or foliar spray to improve growth and yield, increase nutrient uptake, and improve pathogen and stress resistance. In addition, when used in combination with beneficial biologics, Vitalize stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil and works synergistically with them to promote overall plant health.

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Strengthen plants and improve immunity with Mills Nutrients Vitalize.

It’s a stabilised silic acid that is used to fortify plant cell walls.

Dose with this to thicken stems, leaves and branches. With a thicker cell walls, plants will be better able to withstand pest attacks & cope with stress. Thicker, stronger leaves improve photosynthesis and increases the amount of weight that the plant can hold.

Whether you’re human, animal or plant, everyone needs silicon. Plants use it to grow stronger and to better equip themselves to fight diseases and bacteria. Mills Silicic caters for this very want of the crop with a unique, patented and revolutionary mix that contains no less than a thousand times more dissolvable silicon than other, more traditional fertiliser.

The result? A greener, healthier and stronger plant that’ll produce a phenomenal yield.


  • Provides a natural insurance for your crop
  • Is a unique, highly concentrated and stabilised form of silicicacid, a bio product of silicon
  • Contains more than a thousand times more water dissolvable silicon than traditional fertilisers
  • Easy to use as a Foliar fertiliser
  • Is not poisonous and leaves no residue on the product
  • Improves the crop’s immune system
  • Improves the crop’s resilience against insects
  • Alleviates the amount of abiotic stress, such as temperature, water and salinity stress
  • Acts as a bio-stimulant in the plant production system
  • Improves the germinative capacity in both saline and dry environments
  • Improves the root structure in both size and weight
  • Reduces perspiration and optimises water management
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients and its utilisation in the the plant production system
  • Immobilises heavy toxic metals
  • Improves the yield and the quality of the product
  • Reduces water loss in fruit and vegetables after harvesting
  • Improves the tenability of fruit and vegetables
  • Suitable for mixing with other fertilisers or other protective means
  • Suitable for all kinds of crop

How To Use

Mills Nutrients Feed Chart (ml/10L)

Mills Nutrients  Start Mills Nutrients Basis A Mills Nutrients Basis B Mills Nutrients C4 Mills Nutrients Ultimate PK Mills Nutrients Vitalize
Cuttings / Seed (Week -6) 20ml
Cuttings / Seed (Week -5) 20ml
Veg (Week -4) 10ml 20ml 20ml 2ml
Veg (Week -3) 10ml 20ml 20ml 2ml
Veg (Week -2) 10ml 20ml 20ml 2ml
Veg (Week -1) 10ml 10ml 10ml 2ml
Flowering (Week 1)
10ml 25ml  25ml 2ml
Flowering (Week 2) 10ml 30ml 30ml 2ml
Flowering (Week 3)  – 30ml 30ml 5ml 2ml
Flowering (Week 4)  – 30ml 30ml 10ml 2ml
Flowering (Week 5)  – 35ml 35ml 15ml 20ml 1ml
Flowering (Week 6)  – 35ml 35ml 10ml 20ml 1ml
Flowering (Week 7)   – 30ml 30ml 25ml 1ml
Flowering (Week 8)  – 30ml 30ml 25ml 1ml
Final Week


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